Take care of diabetes to avoid a heart attack.

Take care of diabetes to avoid a heart attack.

Not a day passes by without the untimely death of a young person with heart attack. These young people were in apparent good health but were not screened for the risk factors for heart disease or have not taken care to control their risk factors.

Diabetes has the same risk as a heart attack for life expectancy in general. It shortens life and decrease quality of life due to the complications. Heart attacks, stroke (paralysis), blindness, kidney failure, gangrene leading to amputation are all complications of uncontrolled diabetes.

Is it possible to reduce the complications and have longer and better life?

Yes, the complications of diabetes have a direct relationship to HbA1c which is related the damage caused to the tissue proteins by sugar. For every 1% change of HbA1c, there is a 21% change in overall diabetes complications and deaths.

How can one achieve good diabetes control?

    Targets to achieve good life expectancy and health are.

    ·HbA1c less than 6.5

    ·Exercise of 30minutes/day or more.

    ·Body Mass Index ( BMI) 23

    ·Blood Pressure less than 130/80

    ·LDL cholesterol less than 2.6 mmol/l

    ·No smoking

    ·Good stress management

Monitoring of blood sugar:

Testing blood sugar at home regularly with a glucometer and getting counseled by your doctor regarding ways to improve out of control values is the fastest way to reach goals of good control. Motivated people in developed countries monitor their blood sugars several times a day. For those who do not like to prick themselves, continuous glucose monitoring with a sticker like sensor and small reader device are available.

Continuous Care App is available to transmit your readings to your doctors and be counselled on measures to have good control of
blood sugar and blood pressure.

You enter the reading , your doctor or sees the result and counsels you

Prevention is always better than treatment (which may or may not cure). If you are interested in knowing the health of your heart (heart age) and your risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years, you can access the National Health Service (UK) associated web site

A risk of more than 10% warrants remedial action. You can also check how your risk will alter with change in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, smoking etc. If your HbA1c is less than 6.4%, you are as good as someone having no diabetes.

So it is better to act now than regret later.

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