Safe , effective and economical management of Diabetes during COVID 19 pandemic
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People with diabetes are ' between the devil and the deep sea' during this COVID 19 pandemic. If they go out and catch the virus, they are likely to become very sick. Authentic data from the US , the country that had the highest mortality from Covid, show that 40% of all deaths due to COVID-19 occurred in people with diabetes. This rose to 50% if one considered the Covid deaths in those below the age of 65 years. Those with uncontrolled diabetes became sicker and had higher mortality than those with well controlled blood sugars.

This is in spite of the prevalence of diabetes being less than in India or in the Indian Diaspora. Reverse quarantine at home is the safest way to avoid COVID infection.

Now what happened to people who stayed at home. With the current healthcare facility available in the UK, the Office of National Statistics ( ONS) has reported a 106% increase in death rate in people with diabetes in private homes. So those who have diabetes are likely to become sicker with current widely available management.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

I am presenting a safe, secure and private way of managing diabetes in the most cost effective way.

First consultation is better from the clinic but subsequent consultations from the safety of the home or work place.

Those who are not in Kuwait or India can upload a medical report form their doctor under Medical Reports in their web portal or Continuous Care App and I would be able to discuss with them whether it is possible to empower them online and achieve normalcy.

This talk gives a documented solution to the challenges from diabetes, detected by National Health Service ( NHS) UK.

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