Dr. Noble' Continuous Care Service
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Home is the safest place now for people with health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart or lung disease or above the age of 60.

The morbidity and mortality of these people are increased due to non-accessibility to adequate care.

Continuous Care service is a solution for this under the present circumstances.

You can sign up for this service free by clicking here

After your registration is enabled, you log in here to access your record. Your user id is your email and the password is what you created to sign up.

If you are accessing your medical records from the computer , the opening page would appear like below

You should enter height, weight, the health conditions (diseases), medicines, allergies, past and family histories etc in Health Profile.

Also upload your photo and photo id.

If you have test reports, test results, enter/ upload them under Medical Reports ( See the 3rd button on the left panel)

The buttons on the left panel can be used for fixing appointment for videoconsultation, for text consultation, for entering trackers like sugar, BP, weight, sleep, mood etc. The trackers of those under monitoring are reviewed daily with feedback counseling to achieve better control of blood sugar, blood pressure and other parameters.

For ease of accessing your records or consultation on the go, ‘Continuous Care Health App’ is available free in Apple and Play stores.

When you log in to the app with your email and password ,the home page looks like below.

You can enter your details under each heading. If you are under continuous care monitoring, you see the doctor's review advice for the trackers you have entered by clicking on the monitoring. If you have booked video consultation or asked a query in the text consultation, you can access them through 'Consultations'

Your records are cloud stored, secure and private. Only you and your doctor can access them and it can be done any time from anywhere. Please explore the web portal and the app and utilise all the facilities provided. Most of them are free. Only text , video consultation and remote monitoring are charged and your subscription for these would be helping some needy persons in India in this difficult time.