'Save your heart' screening program

Almost everyday we hear of a young Indian dying of a heart attack. These untimely deaths occur in apparently healthy people. It is probable that these people were suffering from one or more of the silent killers. Dar Al Shifa Clinic, Baghdad Street, Maidan Hawally has started a screening program to detect these silent killers and to counsel those at risk as to how they can reduce their risk. Free lifelong Electronic Medical Record to upload their ECG and other test results . These records can be accessed from anywhere in the world any time day and night through a computer or free App in any smartphone. This would help doctors to know the past history and records of the patient and make quick decisions at critical time and save lives.

The screening package includes:


Lipid Profile ( Cholesterol and other fats)

Blood Sugar

Blood Pressure


Consultation and counseling by a specialist doctor

Free life long EMR

Facility to ask free question to Specialist doctors

Remote monitoring and counseling of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities etc.

If you want to use this facility, please book an appointment

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