Dr Noble's Continuous Care Program - What is it?
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One in every 4 Indian adults suffer from high blood sugar or blood pressure or cholesterol abnormalities or a combination of these. These are silent diseases at the beginning and are often detected when a complication like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or blindness occurs.

Early detection and proper management of these chronic conditions can help one avoid complication and live a longer and healthier life without complications. Dr Nobles Continuous Care empowers you to manage the chronic disease better. If required your doctor is always at hand to monitor and advise you personally.

The components of this service are

1. A cloud based electronic personal record owned by the patient. It is fully secured and password protected and accessible 24 x 7 by the owner from anywhere. It stores all the health records you wish to store like the disease conditions, medicines prescribed by the different doctors you may be consulting, results of investigations like ECG, scans and others, any allergies and other important medical information. This ready availability of all past records can be life saving in an emergency situation. You can also share your record with any other doctor you wish.

It is a lifetime facility . So please register with a permanent email id which is your user id for the free Continuous Care App and the web portal. Passwords can be changed as and when you wish.

2. It is necessary to have a physical consultation once. Your disease conditions and relevant physical findings are documented and saved. It would be helpful in advising you regarding corrective measures if you are on a remote monitoring program.

3. Follow up care is online. It is very easy with the ContinuousCare Health App ( available free at Apple and Play stores) after registration at

Follow up care can be done through the web portal also.

4. You have trackers for the different variables like blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, thyroid hormones and many others. These can be used a) to assess your progress by yourself b) for monitoring and guidance from Dr Noble.

5. Remote monitoring . Your entry of variables like blood sugar, blood pressure and others , reviewed and counseled by the doctor same day or as soon as possible. This has helped hundreds achieve normal values quickly. The monitoring can be tailor made depending on the different conditions the patient may have.

6. Online consultation of any medical issues. Facility to ask questions ad get an expert opinion based on the symptoms, test results and any reports from other doctors.

7. Facility for video consultation with prior appointment.

This hybrid system of medical care is used very successfully in Kuwait for the past 3 years. It has helped hundreds achieve normal blood sugar values with less medicines and without the use of insulin.

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